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DM Digital TV is one of the largest Asian television networks in the UK, broadcasting live, 24 x 7 from its studios in Manchester.

Celebrating its eighth anniversary this year, DM Digital TV broadcasts many popular and live shows to global audience in over 150 countries.

DM Digital is the first Asian Channel in the UK to broadcast in 6 regional languages, which include English, Punjabi, Urdu, Sindhi, Kashmiri and Hindi. It has a combined viewership of 30 million across UK, Middle East and Asian Countries.

DM that stands for 'Dorian Metaye / Digital Manchester' has effectively brought the Asian and English cultures closer by integrating its people, the cultural diversity, communities and the economy.

►DM Digital Global is now available in Middle East, Africa and Asia via AsiaSat and transmission details are available in the Frequency Section of the website.


Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani of Walthamstow and Molana Baig of Manchester Kill Speech

DM Digital has been fined £85,000 by Ofcom after it broadcast a speech by an Islamic scholar Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani and Molana Baig who said Muslims had "a duty to kill" anyone who insulted the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

The comments were made during a live lecture shown on DM Digital's Rehmatul Lil Alameen, broadcast in October 2011. The media regulator said the programme was "likely to encourage or incite the commission of crime".

The channel is about to issue the legal proceedings against Syed Jilani and Molana Baig for bringing the channel into disrepute and recovery of fine and legal costs.

The channel management do not understand why such speech was made by a Syed Jilani as he has been giving the regular lectures on DM Digital for past three years. 

This was live transmission and channel management warn all channels to not give any live broadcast services to any religious scholars unless it is recorded and reviewed with compliance team otherwise you will be fined even though it is not the channel fault. 

It is believed that the complaint was made by the Ahmadi (Qadiani) Group. 

In a separate breach of guidelines, the channel was also fined £20,000 over its coverage of the Pakistan Overseas Alliance Forum conference the same year which Ofcom said offered a "one-sided" view of political violence in Karachi.

The senior management of the channel criticised the MQM for the violance in Karachi and NATO for the 2011 NATO attack in Pakistan and killing 24 Pakistani soldiers at Salala Check Post

The channel management warns all Asian channels who broadcast in UK that the management should not be expressing their personal views on matters of political and industrial controversy, which breached rules on impartiality.

The channel is now lodging an appeal in High Court against the both fines on the basis that the actions of DM Digital were not delibirate and fine is excessive.

DM News Channel

Dr. Liaqat Malik Chairman DM Digital Television Network is please to announce that after 8 years of battle with authorities in Pakistan DM Broadcasting Network Limited and DM Digital Global News Plus Pvt. Ltd. have been granted the landing rights in Pakistan.

DM Digital has now launched a news channel under the name of DM News from Lahore on PakSat 1R on frequency: 4034V2800.

It is available in Pakistan, Asia, Middle East and Africa on all major cables and networks.

The group has invested over £2 M in modern equipment to provide upto date news.

It is anticipated that DM News will become the largest news channel in Pakistan providing the view as latest news and info 24/7.

Please contact DM Digital News Plus Pvt. Ltd. for our latest advertising rates or any of the directors.

Dr. Liaqat Malik LLM, PhD

Irfan Malik LLB, PGD Legal Practice

Ali Rehman Malik BA, Barrister at Law

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 DM Apna Bazaar


Please click here to view our DM Apna Bazaar products

DM Digital have launched a Tele-shopping channel on AsiaSat 3S on frequency: 


DM Apna Bazaar (DM Digital) Satellite:Asia Sat3S

Localization = 105.5 Degree East

Downlink Frequency:4071Mhz


Symbol Rate:14.24Ms/s


Call now to place your order: +44 (0)161 871 7453, +44 (0)161 871 7458 

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DM Business News Plus (Launching Summer 2013)

DM Digital Network will be launching a business news channel providing latest business news, stock exchange information of Pakistan, UAE, UK in order for investors to see the latest info in stock exchange.

DM Business Plus channel will also be providing documentaries on the local business industries in order for viewers to analyze the latest business info.  

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DM Global Dhoom (Launching Summer 2013)

Music, films and entertainment channel. Purely dedicated to Bollywood and Lollywood latest hits.

Watch out for DM Global Dhoom

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